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Howdy (Hello) Nǐ hǎo. = 你好

We are so excited to host our Chinese students and teachers from Chengdu in the Sichuan Province.  The students/teachers will arrive on July 20. The students and teachers will be matched with their host homes and enjoy the rest of the weekend getting acquainted with one another.

Through daily interaction with their host families, the students will enhance their English and learn the values of our American culture. We have planned many exciting things for the students while they are in the Houston area such as crafts, learning about American Holidays, learning to line dance, visiting High Schools, as well as compiling a photo journal. In addition, field trips have been planned to visit Houston City Hall; go on shopping excursions; and a visit to Rice University. As we near closing time with our new Chinese friends we will host a Texas square dance and bar-b-q and a Bugers & Stargazing Cookout.  I believe that the most valuable result of our exchanges is found in the relationships formed.  The bond between the students/teachers and our families and the love they share is the key to the ongoing success of our program. We are looking forward to another amazing year!

Blessings, Margo Womac